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You want a business you love,
freedom in life and a healthy bank account.
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I am Laura Elkaslassy, owner and founder of Adroit Business Solutions, and your Profit Pioneer.

I love to empower business owners to understand and own their finances.

I help business owners, just like you, grow their business, get paid and do more of what they really enjoy every day.

I understand that you want to be able to easily understand all your figures, to know where you are in the business, and how to grow a business profitably, for the long term.

I’m not about quick fixes or get rich quick schemes (because honestly they’re all empty promises that will leave you feeling more disheartened and frustrated than ever), I’m about implementing systems and strategies to build successful and sustainable businesses, no matter the industry!

Why I Advocate For The Profit First System


By integrating the Profit First system into your business you’re setting yourself up to generate and grow your profits.

It’s a system that totally challenges the traditional ways business finances have been set up and managed and it actually gives you, the business owner, more control and more reward for the effort you put into leading your business.

When you work with myself and my dedicated team you will be to able to spend more time working ON your business rather than IN your business, one of our many promises to you.

Laura and Adroit Business Solutions have changed my business for the better in every way. 

Efficient, responsive, clear and unflappable, Laura has taken my business to the next level. I am undoubtedly making more money now that I have this incredible money management team. My time has been freed up to work from my zone of genius, and I can sit back confidently knowing Laura and her team are working for my best interest.

Thank you for changing my life!

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams
Lightworker Institute

Profit First Professionals Melbourne Bookkeepers & Money Mentor


The Adroit Business Solutions team expertly help manage all your profit generating and bookkeeping needs of your unique business. Read more about our Profit First solution and how it can help you.

Bookkeeping Services, Accounting System Setup & Support


We are committed to offering complete flexibility and personalised services weekly, monthly or quarterly.  Our services are designed to provide you with the support which you actually need.

Business Strategy & Money Mentoring for Small Business Owners


We work to provide you with the highest quality guidance and advice, always tailored to your individual needs.  We care about you and use our experience to guide you to grow your business and your profits.



Who is Laura Elkaslassy?

As well as being founder of Adroit Business Solutions, Laura is a Certified Profit First Professional, a business advocate educating you in the art of profit generation and most certainly more than just a bookkeeper!

Laura and her fabulous team can help you with their targeted range of business services and solutions that assist business owners manage their money effectively whilst growing their businesses and their profits.


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Want to build a sustainable & profitable business?

Profit First Professionals Melbourne Bookkeepers | Xero Partners


Adroit Business Solutions offers a supportive and practical approach to help you make empowered money decisions that support the development and growth of your business. Our goal is to help you feel confident in your business and in managing and growing your money.


Business Profit Growth Specialist Melbourne

Sometimes the best first step is to chat with a business professional about your business and growing your profits. Book an obligation free call with founder & Profit Pioneer Laura Elkaslassy.